The following guide is for the inverted aeropress brew method.
Equipment needed:
1. Boil Water (88-94°C) . For this recipe we'll be using 94ºC or 90 seconds off the boil from your kitchen kettle.
  • Experiment with different water temperatures once you feel comfortable with brewing this method
  • Make sure to use filtered water either with a BWT bestmax filter jug or bottled water from the supermarket, we find ashbeck from Tesco works quite well. 
  • As soon as the kettle is boiled add some of the water to the aeropress to start pre heating it.
2. Weigh 14 grams of coffee & grind to the consitency of brown sugar 
3. Rinse filter with some water from the kettle, discard the water thats been pre-heating the aeropress.



4. Add Coffee and make sure its level in the bottom the aeropress,   

 5. Add 240g of water, start your timer as soon as you start pouring, try and get all the water in by 15 seconds


6. Stir in a N/S/E/W (like a compass) motion screw the cap on once this is done. 



 7. Flip the aeropress onto serving vessel after 1 minute has passed on the timer.

 8. After 2 minutes begin to press your aeropress with an even pressue for about 30 seconds. Give your brew a stir in your server & enjoy.


If you like the way your brew tastes, record your grind size setting, water temp etc for easy replication

If your brew is tasting thin and a bit weak, try grinding finer on the next brew.

If your brew is tasting heavy or any bitterness is tasted, try grinding coarser on the next brew.

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