Equipment Needed:
  • Experiment with different water temperatures once you feel comfortable with brewing this method
  • Make sure to use filtered water either with a BWT bestmax filter jug or bottled water from the supermarket, we find ashbeck from Tesco works quite well. 

  •  2.Weigh 30 grams of coffee, and grind to the consistency of demerara sugar
  •  3. Fold chemex paper into a cone or if you have the pre-folded papers just pop one in the brewer.
  • 4.Once the Kettle is boiled rinse the paper with a good amount of water, this gets rid of the papery taste & will improve the final flavour of the brew. 
  • Discard the rinse water.
  •  5.Add the ground coffee to the brewer. Shake gently to level the surface.

  • 6. Start your timer & begin to pour slowly keeping the stream of water from the pouring kettle in a vertical line.
  • Pour 90g of water onto the coffee leave to bloom for 30 seconds, gently spin the bloom a few times. This will increase extraction by making sure all the grounds get saturated.
  • 7. After 30 seconds continue to pour in circular motions from the centre out to edge edge & back into the centre pour to a target weight of 300g let this drain through for 30 seconds
  • Try not to pour water down the sides of the chemex as this will lead water passing through to quickly, causing uneven extraction.
  • Continue to pour until the final target weight of 500g, gently spin a couple of times to stop coffee sticking, this will increase extraction and should stop the chemex choking.
  • If the chemex begins to choke, gently lift the paper up and set it back down into the brewer

  • Aim to have all the water in the chemex by 2:30  and allow to drip through. Your total brew time should be around 3/3:30. If your brew goes over 4 minutes still try it and if its ok write down your grind size setting to replicate the brew.
  • If your brew tastes bitter, adjust your grind size coarser and rebrew

  • If your brew tastes thin and watery, adjust your grind size finer and rebrew
  • These brew times are a ball park figure, every coffee is different and some will taste better brewed longer/ shorter. Experiment with your grind size and see where you get the best results.