Clever Dripper




      1.Boil Water (90-94°c) (Lighter roasts will require a higher brew water temperature)

      2.Weigh 14 g of coffee and grind to a medium consistency.

      3.Fold edge of the Dripper Paper, we find using hario v60 02 papers far better than filtropa as they dont choke at the end of the brew. Fold the v60 paper like you would a filtropa, down the side and across the bottom.

      4.Place the paper in the dripper and add some water, this will preheat the brewer & rinse the paper at the same time. Once the brewer is heated place the dripper onto your serving vessel, this will drain the pre rinse water & begin to preheat your server. 















      5. Add your coffee to the dripper and tare your scales.


      6. Start your timer & add 240g of water

      7.Place the lid on the dripper, this will maintain the temperature of the brew. After 1 minute break the crust that has formed and replace the lid.
      8. Once your timer has reached 2 minutes remove the lid and place the dripper on your server, replace the lid slightly ajar, this will prevent a vacuum, slowing down the drawdown. The total drawdown time should be between 90 seconds and 2 minutes.

       If you like the way your brew tastes, record your grind size setting, water temp etc for easy replication

      If your brew is tasting thin and a bit weak, try grinding finer on the next brew.

      If your brew is tasting heavy or any bitterness is tasted, try grinding coarser on the next brew.