Equipment Needed:
1. Boil Water (90-94°C) . For this recipe we'll be using 94ºC or 90 seconds off the boil from your kitchen kettle.
  • Experiment with different water temperatures once you feel comfortable with brewing this method
  • Make sure to use filtered water either with a BWT bestmax filter jug or bottled water from the supermarket, we find ashbeck from Tesco works quite well.
2.Weigh 14.2 grams of coffee, and grind to a medium coarse consistency. 
  • Our coffees taste best when brewed between 1:17 & 1:18 ratio
  • This recipe uses a ratio of 1:17.6 
  • Brew Time 3:30- 4:00
3. Fold your paper filter along the seam and into a cone. Put the cone in your V60 and place onto your server, and rinse with the a good amount of water from the kettle. This removes the papery taste and pre heats your server, discard this water.
4. Place your server onto your scales and pour coffee into the V60, make sure the bed is level by giving it a shake & tare your scales.
5. Start your timer and begin to pour 40 grams of water onto the coffee, aim to get this in by 10 seconds. Give the bloom a swirl, this ensures all grounds are saturated. 
6. After 30 seconds begin to pour to a weight of 110 grams of water in concentric circles, finishing the pour down the sides to wash any grounds back into the slurry. Aim to get to this weight by 1:00
7. At 1:30 start your second pour to a weight of 180g finish your pour at 2:00
8.At 2:30 begin your final pour of 70g upto the final weight of 250g aim to finish this pour at 3:00, the brew should finish around the 3:30 to 4:00 minute mark
  • If your brew drains slower than 4:00 taste it, if its bitter/flat coarsen up your grind 
  • If your brew drains quicker than 3:00 taste it, if sour/thin make your grind finer