2 C 2 P

2 C 2 P


Those of you who have been following closely would have seen the previous coffee challenge some weeks ago - guess the 4 new coffees.

Well..here we go again..sort of.

This time we’ve got two new coffees to be released imminently (with your help):

El Salvador Santa Patrona Anaerobic Honey Pacamara from Federico Pacas CafeTuxpal.

Kenya Mweiga AB Natural SL34 from the Ruiru Mills Estate in Nyeri.

Four 150g bags. Two coffees. Two roast profiles of each coffee. Colour coded and only I have the code ;-)

Identifying the matching pairs should be easy, after all one coffee is a Pacamara which has particular physical characteristics that few other varieties have (I’ll say no more on that).

The challenge is then to identify the shorter/faster profile of each pair.

There’s a general guide to roast profiles which says the shorter more aggressive roasts highlight the brighter attributes of a coffee. The longer slower roasts balance the brightness with sweetness and body (the latter has been debunked by sensory analysis from Morten Munchow and his Coffeemind colleagues in recent years).

If you’re a roaster and one of the few in the world that has not read and reread Rob Hoos manifesto then you’ve missed out on a great text on what effect changing various phases of the roast profile have on flavour.

Here’s the raw salient data points of the profiles for each:

El Salvador Santa Patrona Anaerobic Honey Pacamara:

Batch 1 (14/7)
Charge: 203.1
FC: 8’21”
DROP: 9’39”/205.1
Batch 2 (16/7)
Charge: 205.1
FC: 7’54”
DROP: 9’00”/205.6

Kenya Mweiga SL34 Natural:

Batch 1 (15/7)
Charge: 204.8
FC: 7’54”
DROP: 9’15”/206.1
Batch 2 (16/7)
Charge: 204.6
FC: 7’45”
DROP: 8’48”/208.1

THEN the biggie. Tell me what you prefer and why of each. Think about the standard attributes:

Acidity, sweetness, body, balance and finish.

Most importantly .. which one of each pair you prefer… and why.

If you’re up for giving me your flavour descriptors then that’s a bonus.


There are 20 packs of these coffees going. £20 which includes 1st class delivery UK only.


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