4 from 4

4 from 4


4 new coffees from 3 origins.

Brazil Fazenda Trapia Yellow Bourbon Natural, Baependi, Minas Gerais

Brazil Fazenda Pico Mirante Bourbon Natural, Alfenas, Minas Gerais

Guatemala ASPROCDEGUA womens producer group, washed mixed varieties from Huehuetenango.

Ethiopia Halu Beriti, washed Yirgacheffe.

Which is which ? want to get involved and play a little game with the first production batch of these coffees (roasted 20th May).

I’ll send you 4 numbered bags of 150g for £20 (which includes 1st class postage) and you get to play the game. DM or post on here your guess of which is which and I’ll do a random draw of the correct answers (if there are any) and 3 people that get all 4 right will get a little gift pack from me with something special.

Not saying what but that’s part of the thrill of the chase ;-)

Of course this is not easy since the two Brazils are from neighbouring regions. 2 out of 4 shouldn't be too bad to figure out but getting all 4 will be difficult. One clue I'm happy to give is that the Yellow Bourbon seems to yield a sweeter cup.


Just a little change to the rules to make this ‘fair’. Some people have already had their coffees , a few collected from the roastery yesterday and some got in the post this morning. Others won’t get there’s until Tuesday. So it’ll be a random draw of 3 correct answers from all the responses. Mid-Week. Wednesday or Thursday 🙏👍. Hope that’s acceptable to y'all.

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