5 juicy bangers quiz

5 juicy bangers quiz


Here we go again.

Five new coffees.

Which one is which ?

We’ve got 15 packs of colour coded bags of 5 x 100g of these new arrivals:

Here are the coffee details:

The first three coffees come from a new and direct (as close as feasibly possible) relationship facilitated by CataExport as part of their 'Six for Farmers' female producers project.

  • Marina Romero Finca Buenos Aires, Huila, Colombia, washed Geisha
  • Yenni Esperanza, Finca El Paraiso, Cauca, Colombia. Thermal Shock Castillo
  • Martha Cecilia Zuniga Finca El Divisio, Huila, Colombia, Natural Pink Bourbon
  • Diego Samuel Burmudez, Finca El Pariaso, Cauca, Colombia, Thermal Shock Castillo
  • Jaguar Honey, Beneficio San Diego, Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Catuai & Caturra

For those eagle eyed amongst you you might be spotted a little twist. Yenni and Diego are sister and brother. Diego is well known in specialty coffee circles for his work on experimental processing, in particular controlled fermentation. Yenni has made this Castillo selection to show off what can be achieved with one of the ‘inferior’ varieties using advanced fermentation techniques. The Castillo selections are from different parts of the farm.

As a little clue I can tell you that when I originally roasted and cupped the sample of Yenni’s coffee I just couldn’t get beyond super sweet dried mango and lychee.

When I cupped Diego’s coffee I felt like I’d been hit around the face with a bunch of Lavender.

There’s another twist. Yenni and Diego’s coffees went in the roaster one after the other with the same charge BUT they behaved differently and I allowed Diego’s to follow it’s own path rather than trying to force it. It ended up as a slightly shorter roast (by 19 secs) and was a little hotter at drop (0.8C). You know.. for those that care about that stuff ;-)

The challenge is to identify which one is which..

AND .. give me your flavour descriptors.. since I need to get the labels done ;0 

There is of course no guarantee that I’ve nailed the profiles for these coffees. BUT IMHO, the better the green the easier the roasters job. If the green is bursting with potential then it’s just a matter of allowing the chemistry to happen without under or over developing. It can always be better. Always.

Price is £30 delivered 1st class UK only. Orders will go out Monday 28 Sept.

There might be a little gift pack to the first to get all 5 correct. Maybe ;-)


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