Abel Gomez Guayacanes De San Lorenzo

  • Tasting Notes Peach, orange blossom, honey
  • Location Narino, Colombia
  • Elevation 1870M
  • Details Washed Gesha

Our latest Colombian delight comes from third generation coffee farmer Abel Gomez and his small 2 hectare farm Guayacanes De San Lorenzo in the Narino coffee region. We've been waiting to release this super clean and floral washed Gesha and we are sure it won't disappoint.

Abel Gomez grows Caturra, Colombia and this Gesha variety, all 100% organically. This coffee was processed using the washed method, where after the cherries are picked at their peak ripeness, cleaned and separated from unripe cherries, they are pulped and  go into a container with the mucilage for 16-20 hours where the fermentation begins.

Then they go into tanks without water at a controlled temperature for an additional 30-40 hours. Finally, the beans are washed and dried in parabolic dryers in the sun. These dryers are usually open 6 hours a day for 15 days, controlling for the humidity and the intensity of the sun. The special feature of parabolic dryers is the transparent plastic roof for a more optimal use of radiation on sunless or rainy days and a direct exposure during sunny hours. This gives the beans the best opportunity to develop their aromas and flavours.

The farm is located in the Departamento de Nariño, a Colombian department in the southwest of the country. Abel Gomez has owned the farm for 12 years and is now the third generation to cultivate coffee. In his own words Abel says "I have owned the farm for 12 years, being a 3rd generation of coffee growers. I love my job because I enjoy experimenting at the wet mill and researching for microorganisms and such in order to improve the scores and profiles of my coffees. Some aspects that worry me as a coffee grower is climate change because we are facing a reality we cannot control and this makes our job very difficult". 

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