Arsosala GUJI

Arsosala GUJI

  • Tasting Notes Caramelised Peach and Apricot
  • Location Guji Zone, Ethiopia
  • Elevation 1800 M
  • Process Washed
  • metafields
    Region Guji Zone, Ethiopia
  • metafields
    Varietal Local heirloom
  • metafields
    Elevation 1800 masl
  • metafields
    Process Washed
  • metafields
    Importer Cafe Imports

Taste Notes

Ripe soft stone fruits peach and apricot with a soft brown sugar finish.


This Grade 1 washed Arsosala coffee comes from the highlands of Uraga, a key coffee producing district of the Guji Zone – itself part of “Oromia”, one of nine ethnically based regional states of Ethiopia. Despite being only around 20 kms away as the crow flies from the well known Gedeb and Yirgacheffe  districts (which are actually in the Gedeo Zone, part of the “SNNPR” regional state), the profiles of Guji Zone are distinctly and excitingly different from their cousins. Different landraces (cultivars) play a large part for sure, but so does the unique combination of climate, soil, plant husbandry, picking and selection, processing, and drying.

Increasing market demand, coupled with changes in export laws that enable small washing stations to export in a traceable fashion, has led to a great increase in the number of washing stations in Uraga and neighbouring woredas: Odo Shakiso, Hambela, and Bule Hora. Most are family owned coffee businesses, connected to their own export interests. These export businesses enable valuable US$ income, fuelling growth for these same businesses on the import side. Coffee sales literally fuel the import of building materials, consumer items, and more.

Washed lots at this station are delivered ripe by some of the 1200 contributing smallholders, depulped the same day, fermented overnight, and washed before being soaked/fermented underwater for 8–16 hours. Then they are washed again. The total fermentation time is between 48–72 hours. The coffee is then dried on raised beds for 9–12 days.



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