Birbissa Natural

  • Tasting Notes Blueberry and lemon drizzle
  • Location Guji, Oromia Zone, Ethiopia
  • Elevation 2100 -2350 M
  • Details Natural

Our latest Ethiopian coffee and it's a stunner from Sookoo Coffee founded by Ture Waji aka 'The King of Guji'. Ture and his brother, Assefa, founded the company (formerly Dambi Uddo Agro Industry) in early 2019. In that same harvest, our import partner Osito delivered to Dambi Uddo their very first registered purchase contract.

Sookoo Coffee is located in Odo Shakiso within the Oromia Region and Guji Zone. At present, Ture and Assefa are only producing naturally processed coffees with cherry sourced from the surrounding kebeles. Each lot is named for the kebele from which the cherry comes e.g. Shoondhisa or Bookkisa, and this Birbissa.

This relatively young but already famous coffee area is recognised for its unique and distinctive cup profiles. In this beautiful landscape of forest jungle at an elevation of 2100-2350m, you can hear the workers singing cultural Guji songs while moving coffee around.

Most of the cherry being delivered are one of two varieties; Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112. Both of these are from the Metu Bishari selections made in the forest of the same name in the Illubabor Zone by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) in 1974. They were selected for their resistance to Coffee Berry Disease. Now they are some of the most propagated varieties in Ethiopia. 

The cherries are all dried at a centralised location on raised beds at an elevation of 2170m for around 15-20 days in very thin layers. They are moved and rotated frequently to ensure even and precise drying. The net results of all the effort are some of the most vibrant and pristinely clean natural Ethiopian coffees we have seen. Unlike many naturals, they present with high florality and acidity with very little booziness. They are often described as "Ethiopia first, natural processing second." 

Sookoo’s Shakiso washing station and their outgrowers are officially organic certified, but our Birbissa lot was imported without paying the organic certification levy and hence the bags were defaced by an inspector on arrival removing any reference to it's organic production.


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