CH7 Espresso Blend

CH7 Espresso Blend


  • metafields
    40% Brazil Fazenda Recanto Lot 19, Cerrado
    PROCESS: Pulped Natural VARIETAL: Yellow Catuai
  • metafields
    40% El Salvador, Finca Miramar, Santa Ana
    PROCESS: Honey (semi-washed) VARIETAL: Bourbon
  • metafields
    20% Ethiopia Kochere, Yirgacheffe
    PROCESS: Natural VARIETAL: Heirloom

Taste Notes

Creamy and smooth milk Chocolate from the Brazil with added sweetness and body from the El Salvador combined with that boozy sweet Blueberry from the natural Kochere. In milk it becomes like a chocolate and blueberry muffin.


CH7 is our latest Espresso Blend and is based on three new coffees to give something smooth and balanced that suits various brewing styles.

I call it an 'Espresso Blend' but this is not a coffee you can only use for Espresso drinks. It's a versatile coffee that is super tasty brewed as a Cafetiere or Aeropress but equally as the Espresso base to your preferred beverage such as a Flat White or Americano.

The main difference in terms of roasting style for the CH blends is the slightly longer development and slightly higher drop (end) temperature that I take it to in the roaster. Typically more delicate Single-origins would be developed under 20% DTR (Development Time Ratio) and dropped at under 200C, as opposed to coffees in this blend which would have a 20-25% DTR and a 202-205C drop temperature. Not massive differences but those extra few percent and extra few degrees can enable the sugars and body to develop further.

CH7 is comprised of :

40% Fazenda Recanto lot 19, Cerrado, Pulped Natural – v. Yellow Catuai

40% Finca Miramar microlot 21, Santa Ana, El Salvador, Honey process - v. Bourbon

20% Kochere, Gr3 Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, Natural – v. Heirloom

Taste Notes:

The typical boozy blueberry flavours of the natural Yirgacheffe combine with the creamy milk chocolate and nuts from the Brazil and the sweetness of the El Salvador Miramar. A little like a Chocolate and Blueberry muffin when served with milk.

Brew Guide for Espresso:

Dose 18g/Yield: 36g/Time: 27secs (ie you need scales and a timer).

This is only a starting point. You decide how to get the best from this coffee on your own brewing equipment. If you need some pointers by all means drop us a line and we'll give you some tips and suggestions. If you want to delve into the depths of Espresso geekery you can look at Matt Pergers Espresso Compass on Barista Hustle or read Scott Rao's Professional Barista Handbook


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