Cofinet microlot selection

  • Tasting Notes Blackberry, apple and a little ginger spice.
  • Location Various regions, Colombia
  • Elevation 1800 - 1900 M
  • Details Natural Castillo

This is the first of the coffees sourced during our trip to Colombia back in May last year with Cofinet. As well as their own farm La Pradera in Armenia they work with a number of smallholder producers and cooperatives in the local region and elsewhere.

This is a naturally processed Castillo coffee supplied by smallholder farmers across Narino, Huila, Tolima and Quindio regions. Only coffees with a microlot cup quality were selected for this lot. The idea behind this project is to pool coffee from growers who would otherwise not have enough volume to sell their best quality coffees separated from their main lot, which would usually sell on the commercial market.

Syrupy and sweet with a little booziness. Blackberry, apple and a little ginger spice on the finish.


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