Jorge Diaz Campos - Finca Colmena

  • Tasting Notes Blackberry and apple. Tangy and sweet.
  • Location Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Peru
  • Elevation 1800 m
  • Details Washed Caturra, Bourbon and Gesha

This Peru micro-lot comes to us as via Nordic Approach from the Norcafé Coop based in the Lonya Grande district in the Amazonas region. Jorge Diaz Campos actively participates in the microlot program at the cooperative, consistently producing outstanding coffee. His farm, La Colmena, is situated near the village of Huamboya and spans 3 hectares. It sits at an elevation of 1900 masl, primarily cultivating caturra and bourbon varieties. The region boasts a rich forest environment with pure and clean natural water sources used in the coffee processing.

The Díaz Campos family are originally migrants from the Peruvian highlands. Apart from coffee growing, the family is involved in livestock and beekeeping. Jorge Díaz, the third son, leverages his experience gained while working for the Norcafé Cooperative in 2017 and 2018 to continually enhance the quality of his farm and coffees.

The family has ambitious plans to expand their coffee production by planting an additional 4 hectares, focusing on unique varieties like Bourbon and Geisha. They also intend to conduct experiments with natural and washed processing techniques for the upcoming harvests.

Jorge emphasises their philosophy, highlighting that beekeeping aids in pollination, positively influencing the flavours in coffee. Other crucial factors include selective harvesting, controlled fermentation, washing with clean water, and meticulous drying.

After the coffee cherries are harvested, typically around September/October, the cherries undergo a careful 24-hour fermentation in bags, followed by depulping. Subsequently, the parchment enters an additional phase of fermentation lasting 24-36 hours in bags. Drying takes place on covered, raised beds, spanning a duration of up to a month.

Norcafé Cooperative was created by a group of young university students. They all come from coffee producing families and have a common goal: to work together to improve quality and to create more opportunities within their community. The group was formally established in 2015 with the participation of 100 families. Currently, there are more than 470 families involved in this project.

Norcafé works with more than 400 producers, and especially with young families who have inherited their passion for coffee from their parents. They usually cultivate traditional varieties, such as caturra, typica, bourbon, pache, and catuí.

Through the cooperative program, the producers receive high premiums for high-quality coffee. The Norcafé Cooperative has a lot of young members. Even the staff members are young, something we see as a very positive sign for the industry.

Their mission is to provide marketing services to families of small producers, involving young people committed to generating value within the supply chain. Their vision is to be an organisation with values, providing opportunities for social, economic and environmental development in coffee communities.

The cooperative also focuses on improving pre-harvest processes such as weeding, selective pruning, pest and disease control, fertilisers, planting of living barriers, and water care. With a social, economic, and environmental commitment, the organisation complies with the standards established by Fair Trade and other organic and sustainable regulations.

Norcafé is also fully price transparent about the payment to the producers.


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