Coopertiva Atitlan

Coopertiva Atitlan

  • Tasting Notes Red berries and chocolate
  • Location Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Elevation 1350 - 2000 M
  • Details Washed
  • metafields
    Region Atitlan, Guatemala
  • metafields
    Varietal Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Bourbon
  • metafields
    Elevation 1350 - 2000 masl
  • metafields
    Process Washed
  • metafields
    Importer DR Wakefield

Taste Notes

Red Berries and Chocolate


This coffee comes from the Cooperativa Agrícola Integral Atitlán which was established in 2015. Atitlán is both the name of the lake and the volcano, situated in the Sololá department of Guatemala. The lake itself is endorheic, meaning it does not drain into the ocean or sea, and is overlooked by three volcanoes, Atitlán (with a peak of 3535 masl), Tolimán (3158 masl) to the south and San Pedro (3020 masl) to the west, the slopes of which provide the vast majority of this coffee. Headquarters for the cooperative are in Santiago Atitlán on the banks of the lake. Although the full range of the cooperative covers altitudes of 1350-2000 masl, the majority is grown around 1700 masl. 

The cooperative have set their objective to be a leading and innovative producer company at the international level, developing socio-productive activities in the management of coffee in the region, with highly qualified personnel. Since the formation, they have worked hard to offset what they see as their main challenges; Coffee plantation deterioration caused by the impact of diseases and pests brought about by climate change; Lack of adequate technical support; lack of investment; low prices; lack of transparency in their supply stream. They have done this by grouping together producers as they know that smaller producers better value their plantations, Investing in rural education for small producers, investing in both agronomic and market research to develop those areas better, and marketing their coffee in fairer markets that recognise the efforts of their growers.

For us, this coffee has classic washed Guatemalan characteristics - it’s all about the red fruits and chocolate. One of those all rounders that will suit a variety of brewing methods. 


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