Crankhouse Musette


Q. What is a Musette

A. Small lightweight cotton shoulder bag, containing food and drink given to riders in a feed zone during a cycle race. The bag is designed so that it can be easily grabbed by a moving rider (according to wiki's glossary of cycling terms)

We've all seen the carnage that can occur in the feed-zones of the big races. Riders trying to grab their musette's from the outstretched arm of a team soigneur whilst riding in a tightly packed peloton. There's no choice in it, if you're out there racing for 5 hours plus you can't just pop in to your nearest speciality coffee shop or spa for a nut bar and spro. The riders feed-bag contains the necessary goodies to get the pro-riders through the stages and start preparing them for the recovery for the following days in a stage race. 

You can stick whatever you like in yours. Not just for cycling of course.

Pair it with one of the new custom caps and you'll get a free 250g bag of something delicious thrown in on me.

  • One colour
  • One size
  • 100% Cotton
  • Full colour sublimation printing
  • Popper fastener