Cycling Cap v4


Version 4 caps are now in stock. These are without question a big step up in quality from the previous versions having been made by Walz Caps in the US, they are mid-heavy weight 100% cotton. As you can see from the pictures the style is a'traditional' cycling cap with a short peak.

Why did I choose these ? Quality and style won out. I have quite a collection of caps and my Walz 'Brooklyn' cap remains a firm favourite.


Wear it under your cap to keep those burning rays of sun out of your eyes (or the rain more likely) or stick it in your jersey for the deserved post-ride coffee and cake stop.

Pair it with one of the custom musettes and you'll get a free 250g bag of something delicious thrown in on me.

  • One colour - Black
  • Two sizes (S/M, L/XL)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Full colour sublimation printing