Diego Bermudez El Paraiso - ON SALE

  • Tasting Notes Strawberry bonbon, honeydew melon and lavender
  • Location Cauca, Colombia
  • Elevation 1930 M
  • Details Experimental thermal shock Castillo

We have just reduced the price of this incredible coffee. It now considered to be 'past-crop' since this seasons coffees have begun to arrive in the country. Our QC testing shows that this is slowly falling off from the peak of its best but only gradually and by a fraction. It's a great opportunity to taste a coffee from one of the worlds most recognisable names in 'modern processing'.


Our second year of this incredible coffee from Diego Samuel Bermudez and his coffee farm Finca El Paraiso.  Diego has become something of a Colombian coffee superstar with his novel and scientific approach to all aspects of processing including rinsing off the ambient microbes with ozonated water, mini bioreactors for innoculating with his own bacterial cultures and a programmable humidifier for designing drying profiles for individual coffees. He's at the leading edge of coffee processing and the results in the cup are evident.

Diego started by selling his coffee to the local cooperatives which allowed him to pay for his studies and start evolving as coffee producer. He decided to start building a network by going to different shows in different regions meeting people and realised that there were other ways to produce coffee in different qualities, from different varieties and submitting them to different contests.

Today through his company Indestec (Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico para la Caficultura) Diego has managed to create new innovative technologies in order to keep the consistency of his great cup profiles not only for his farm but also neighbouring farms of his family and friends. He says that he likes to be out of the comfort zone as this has always helped him to keep evolving.

Below is a summary of the special process this 'thermal shock' coffee has endured:

  • Collection of ripe cherries and (95%), with a maximum of 5% of semi-ripe cherries.
  • Washing the cherry with ozonated water to reduce the micro-organism.
  • First phase anaerobic fermentation in cherry for 48 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 Celsius.
  • Pulping
  • Second phase anaerobic fermentation in mucilage for 48 hours at 21 degrees Celsius.
  • Washing with thermal shock, in order to transfer and fix the secondary aromas developed in different fermentation phases. First phase: Water at 40 degrees Celsius. Second phase: Water at 12 degrees Celsius.
  • Controlled drying for 34 hours, with recirculation of air at a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 25%, until reaching a moisture level between 10% and 11%.
  • Packaged in grainpro and stabilised for 15 days.
  • Vibrating, electronic and manual sorting to reach the required physical quality standard.
  • Vacuum packed for maintaining quality during shipping.


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