Fazenda Bom Sucesso Anaerobic

  • Tasting Notes Raspberry cola, dark chocolate
  • Location Serra Da Canastra, Brazil
  • Elevation 850 m
  • Details Anaerobic Natural Arapongas

Our second coffee from Paulo Henrique Guerra and his family farm Bom Sucesso. When we began our communications last year regarding which coffees we would like to purchase, Paulo asked how we'd like our coffees processed. That's the first time a producer has asked us this and it was quite a special moment. We opted for a standard 'natural' for a majority of the coffee and then a small amount processed as a fermented, 'anaerobic natural'.

This is the latter - processed using a fermentation with added Oro yeasts from Lalcafe which yields more fruity notes and a more vibrant acidity than its 'natural' sibling. Lalcafe are a range of commercial yeasts designed for the coffee industry by Canadian yeast specialists Lallemand. The linked data sheet shows the ratio of dried yeast to coffee, recommended fermentation time and temperature to get the best results ie. this is not trial and error.

When we roasted the first batch of Paulo's coffee, we sent a picture to him of us holding the retail bag and label with his name on. He immediately responded and told us he showed it to his family and it meant a great deal to them. The image is printed and sits on a shelf for them all to see.

Most of the time we feel quite separated from the farmers and their lives. Do they even know who we are and who is appreciating their hard work? This is one of those cases where the connection between producer and roaster feels very real and very human. Thank you Paulo. Oh, and your coffee is delicious 😋 

If you fancy trying the standard natural against this fermented anaerobic natural and seeing what the influence of controlled inoculated fermentation has on the flavour of coffee in your cup then why not order both? If you do, we'll automatically apply a 10% discount off the price of these two coffees.

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