Finca Chorora 'Temptation'

  • Tasting Notes Pear, Sweet raspberry and Beaujolais
  • Location Loja, Sozoranga, Ecuador
  • Elevation 1350 - 1600 M
  • Details Anaerobic washed Sidra

Chorora is owned by Olinka and Diana Velez and is the sister farm of the well-known Yambamine. These farms are located next to each other on a steep hillside surrounded by primary cloud forest and crossed by the old ‘Inca Road’ that once connected Cuzco with Quito. The land has stunning views towards the valley of Macara and Peru on the horizon.

Olinka describes their venture in coffee as a transformative way of life. Both sisters started planting coffee around the year 2010 after some big life changes, since then they’ve been drawn from the city into the land, investing a lot of effort, time and emotion into producing coffee. This land, as Diana and Olinka would describe it, is mystical and charged with good energy. The farm is divided into two main parcels. Chorora which means ‘water well’ in Kichwa and Yambamine, which means ‘land of gold'. In both lots there are a total of 8 hectares of planted coffee. The varietals produced here are Typica mejorado, Hybrid, Sidra and at the moment they are experimenting with new varietals such as Wush Wush and Pink Bourbon.

Sidra is a varietal that was discovered in Pichincha province in Ecuador and is believed to be an adaptation of an Ethiopian landrace in Ecuadorian soils. It's become one of the 'darling' varieties in the speciality world and for good reason, the cup quality is excellent.

This coffee was sourced by our import partner Makicuna Coffee who we've had some extraordinary coffees from over the past few years. We cupped a number of pre-ship samples from them and this Sidra 'Temptation' stood out. This is the name Olinka gave to this coffee and it was such a small lot that the only other roaster in Europe that has it is in Russia.

It is actually processed as an 'Anaerobic washed':72 hours of oxidation in Cherry, then 28 hours CO2 fermentation in tanks with lactic acid bacteria cultivated from mosto. Coffee is then fully washed and laid onto African beds for controlled drying until it reaches a humidity of 10%.

Farm Gate price: USD 27/kg.

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