Finca El Buey Honey

Finca El Buey Honey

  • Tasting Notes Raisin, nutmeg, orange zest
  • Location Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • Elevation 1250 - 1300 M
  • Process Honey
  • metafields
    Region Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • metafields
    Varietal Yellow Catuai
  • metafields
    Elevation 1250 - 1300masl
  • metafields
    Process Honey
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    Importer DR Wakefield

Taste Notes

Raisin, nutmeg and orange zest.


Our 2nd coffee this season from the Santa Luz Estate part of the famous La Bastilla that borders the Matagalpa and Jinotega growing regions of Nicaragua. This micro-lot from Finca El Buey is a nicknamed “Miel de La Bastilla”, honey of the Bastilla. The cherries are depulped and then dried with the mucilage intact, giving enhanced sweetness in the cup.

At the fully integrated wet and dry processing plant of the Estate, they can differentiate the coffees harvested from different farm sections (e.g. El Buey, San Pedro) or different varieties with 4 different processes: washed, honey, yeast fermentation and natural.

The Estate was established in 2003 and they started managing 2 abandoned coffee states in the Jinotega/Matagalpa areas, with the long term view of reestablishing the business of these plantations in a sustainable way. During the course of the past 16 years they have replanted the estates with new and diverse coffee varieties, established a professional organisation and invested in rebuilding the infrastructure of the farms: all the living quarters, roads, coffee mills, processing and transport equipment, etc.

La Bastilla is the only specialty arabica coffee estate in Nicaragua with fully integrated production processes from cherry to export bag, all done on site at the farm. Their coffees represents the impact of the microclimate of the farms/areas and a very careful, quality oriented harvesting and milling process at the farm including drying of the parchment.



The Estate which is situated approximately 20 kilometres away from Jinotega, adjacent to the Datanli el Diablo nature reserve, which is an important biological reserve in the region. The farm covers 311 hectares, of which 160 hectares are currently dedicated to the production of coffee, with the potential of 190 hectares being used in this way.

Due to its altitude, natural conditions such as it's micro climate, shade trees, soil composition and the way in which the plantation and ecological processing plant are managed, La Bastilla produces a quality of coffee that is very special, balanced, with a good body and aroma.

La Bastilla has developed an interesting matrix of micro-lot processing recently, which have found good acceptance in the specialty coffee community worldwide.

Their matrix concept is based around separating ripe-cherry lots from 19 different sections of the farm, each with different conditions identified as zones based on measurable attributes including altitude, sun exposure, soil conditions, tree coverage, all characterising different cup profiles.

They harvest their varietals separately: Caturra, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, several Sarchimor varieties (Obata, Marseillaise, etc.), and Geisha as some experimental varieties.

They process fully washed, honey and natural micro lots, and have built the wet and dry processing facilities on the Estate.


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