Finca El Romerillo Lot 14

  • Tasting Notes Poached pear, lime and caramel
  • Location San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru
  • Elevation 1787 m
  • Details Washed yellow caturra and red bourbon

This Peru micro-lot comes to us as part of the Volcafe Way farmer support organisation (FSO) which provides coffee small holder producers with agronomy and business training year round with a focus on profitability. More than 250 Volcafe Way agronomists and technicians serve thousands of producers across 11 origins.

Griselda Yanina Paico García is one of those lucky producers and this soft and sweet coffee comes from her small 1 hectare farm El Romerillo. She grows two of our favourite varieties, Yellow Caturra and Red Bourbon and Lot 14 is a mix of both.

The farm is based in the San Ignacio province in the well known Cajamarca growing region in the north of the country near the border with Ecuador.

El Romerillo is C.A.F.E Practices certified (a new one on us). The key pillars of this are social, economic and environmental responsibility. The C.A.F.E. Practices checklist is extensive, covering three main areas: people, planet and product. This underpins the work that our import partner Volcafe are doing: "We believe farm profitability is the root problem and the solution to supply chain stability. Producers of washed Arabicas face fluctuating pressures, from market volatility to pest outbreaks and climate change, and those who aren’t consistently profitable are the most vulnerable. When producers see their incomes improve, however, they’re encouraged to improve farm practices, increase productivity, deliver higher quality and keep farming."

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