Finca Genesis San Roque 'Kenya'

  • Tasting Notes Blackcurrant jam, tinned pineapple
  • Location West Valley, Costa Rica
  • Elevation 1600 - 1700 M
  • Details Natural

Our second release from the beautiful Finca Genesis located in the Naranjo West Valley region of Costa Rica.  We were lucky enough to visit Oscar Mendez at his farm and micro-mill Genesis back in 2018 and fell in love with it. There was an incredible calmness and tranquility on the farm perched on the side of a mountain. Oscar spoke with energy and passion and the 3 hours we spent on the farm sharing lunch remains one of those magical memories of that trip.

We have wanted to buy Oscar's coffee ever since. Last year we reached out to a green coffee buyer and consultant and asked him if he could help us source Oscar's coffees. Easy if you know how ! It's as direct a purchase as it can be without actually handing the money over to the farmer and these coffees are exclusive to us in the UK.

We managed to secure 3 lots and this is the second release and one of the coffees we used for the '12 days of Crankhouse' gift box. A naturally processed San Roque 'Kenya' variety (believed to be SL-28).

Oscar said something that I took note of at the time which for me summed up his philosophy “I have a lot of respect for cuppers and roasters as they know that what they are tasting is a beautiful symphony - a culmination of the world's natural beauty and the hard work of many different hands" Oscar Mendez.

For a report on the 2018 trip and some extra images just click here.

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