Finca La Gloria

  • Tasting Notes Red grape, muscovado sugar, cocoa finish
  • Location La Libertad, El Salvador
  • Elevation 1180 - 1300 M
  • Process Anaerobic Honey

Finca La Gloria is one of the farms of the famous Pacas family and is managed by José Roberto Gutierrez. The history of the Pacas family influence traces back to 1905 and today their mill Cafe Tuxpal is involved in the entire coffee supply chain: farming, processing, exporting, roasting and coffee shops. In addition to processing the cherries from its own farms, Café Tuxpal also buys cherries from neighbourhood farmers. Lots are as much as possible kept and processed separately to let the coffee express its intrinsic flavours.

Finca La Gloria is a small 17ha farm in La Libertad and grows a number of varieties including Pacas, Pacamara, Sarchimor and Bourbon. Once picked the cherries are immediately taken to the beneficio for processing. This lot was first depupled and then fermented in an anaerobic/anoxic environment with the mucilage intact before drying on raised beds.

The process adds a winey/grape profile to the typical washed process Bourbon (which is the defacto method for processing Bourbon in El Salvador). Sweet and balanced with a nice red-grape acidity and a cocoa finish.

This is our third coffee from the Pacas family farms this season and both it's predecessors (Natural Pacamara and Black Honey Pacas) were stella coffees.

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