Finca Momoto

  • Tasting Notes Fresh mango, grapefruit and bergamot
  • Location Santa Clara, Chiriqui, Panama
  • Elevation 1500 M
  • Details Natural Geisha

Finca Momoto is owned and run by Aliss Hartmann. Yes, you read correctly, Hartmann.  That name alone demonstrates the pedigree of the coffee producer we're talking about and therefore the quality of the coffee to expect.

The farm takes its name from the blue crowned bird found in the region of their small 8 hectare farm near the town of Santa Clara in the Renacimiento district, Chiriqui province. One of the most well known specialty producing regions in Panama offering the perfect climate for cultivating Geisha. In the short time that Momoto has been producing coffee they have gained a great reputation and have had their coffee represented by some of the worlds best roasting companies including Proud Mary in Melbourne, Doubleshot in Prague, 20grams in Singapore, MAME in Zurich and for the second time Crankhouse in Exeter (we first had this beauty back in 2021).


All of the coffee produced on Momoto are microlots. The drying process started on the raised beds for eight days then it followed six days inside their dark drying dehumidifier room and then completed five weeks of rest on Beyota (natural form).

At Momoto they apply strict quality control over the processing start to finish, doing an initial selection by removing the partial ripe cherries manually from the dying beds. The coffee is rested the coffee in beyotas (dried coffee cherries) inside heavy black plastic bags to prevent mould and humidity. After hulling the coffee, it is classified it by size and weight and finally given it a hand sorting.

The drying process in a dark room using dehumidifiers is something suggested by Ratibor Hartmann. Ratibor claims that with the dehumidifier the water in the seed migrates more evenly from the seed and if we performed in darkness then it avoids any UV damage with the result of this new drying modality to improve the integrity of the seed leading to a better cup. Ratibor's Natural Geisha was the Best of Panama winner in a previous year finished with this drying process with a dehumidifier. 

The Momoto natural processed coffees taste clean meaning there are no fermenting notes such as heavy coffee pulp or alcohol but with a lot of fruits and which would match a good fruity and floral washed Geisha coffee. They accomplish such a profile by speeding the fermentation stage and laying a thin layer of coffee cherries on the raised beds.


Based on our previous experience with this coffee back in 2021 our expectations were set very high. We went to town with this coffee and it was (at the time of purchase) the most expensive green coffee we’d ever bought. There’s a reason things of quality have a high price tag. Super sweet and clean with tropical (mango), citrus (graprefruit) and floral (bergamot) notes. Yes, this is something special.


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