Glorious Espresso

Glorious Espresso


  • metafields
    50% Brazil Fazenda Recanto Lot 19, Cerrado
    PROCESS: Pulped Natural VARIETAL: Yellow Catuai
  • 50% Ethiopia Kochere, Yirgacheffe
    PROCESS: Natural VARIETAL: Heirloom

Taste Notes

Creamy and smooth milk Chocolate from the Brazil combined with that boozy sweet Blueberry from the natural Kochere. In milk it becomes like a chocolate and blueberry muffin.


We've teamed up with the cool folk at The Glorious Collective for a bit of coffee and cycling goodness for you lovers of two wheeled action. These guys are just as serious about their coffee and cake as they are about their riding and I'll tell you how this came about.

I've been following their wacky instagram feed for a while and was particularly impressed with a pic of Matt on top of Haytor on a uber windy day with his very deep section carbon wheels. I reckon if he'd let go of the bike it would have taken off like a kite and he'd never have seen it again. They're not a shy and retiring bunch and their kit and custom high-end machines can't fail to be recognised.

I did just that, recognise them as they pitched up to Exeter's latest coffee gem March Coffee on South Street, owned by a good friend of mine John Petherick. I was there to drop off some of my coffee for John to brew in his custom finished La Marzocco Strada EP (the sexiest coffee machine around town by far) and the boys were in town to sample the coffee and freshly made doughnut offerings. BINGO.

Chance meeting and likeminded souls. If you know anything about Crankhouse then you know the brand came about through my love of cycling and coffee. A perfect combo so it made sense to hook-up and do something together.

You don't HAVE to be a cyclist to buy this coffee and enjoy it.. but it helps ;-)

It could be a limited run for a bit of co-branding fun or perhaps it could take off and become the biggest thing in the coffee and cycling world !

Right now, it's a blend of:

50% Fazenda Recanto lot 19, Cerrado, Pulped Natural – v. Yellow Catuai

50% Kochere, Gr3 Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, Natural – v. Heirloom

Taste Notes:

The typical boozy blueberry flavours of the natural Yirgacheffe combine with the creamy milk chocolate and nuts from the Brazil. A little like a Chocolate and Blueberry muffin when served with milk.

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