Grand Tour Blend

Grand Tour Blend


  • metafields
    50% Ethiopia Bale Mountain
    PROCESS: Natural
  • metafields
    50% Costa Rica Don Sabino
    PROCESS: Natural

Taste Notes

Tropical fruits - Kiwi and Melon. Super sweet and jammy.


GT = Grand Tour = homage to the 3 Grand Tour races, Giro D’Italia, Tour De France and Vuelta a Espana.

Two great coffees combined in equal measures to give something that is better than the sum of the individual parts. In this case two naturals both with those jammy sweet and slightly boozy flavours we expect and hope for from good naturally processed (dried in the skin) coffees:

  • 50% Don Sabino Finca Jordan Central Valley, Costa Rica
    • Natural Caturra, Catuai, 1600m
  • 50% Bale Mountain West Arsi, Ethiopia
    • Natural heirloom,  1700-1900m

We put a little competition out there for a new label for this years GT blend and this beauty came in from a local cyclist and illustrator Clare @sugarhillart. In return Clare won herself a 6 months coffee subscription.


I asked Claire what inspired her to enter:  “I actually saw a link to the competition on Velovixen FB chat and immediately thought that sounds my kind of thing... i recognised the name as I’ve ridden past lots of times. I just liked the idea of doing a Grand tour related drawing in those colours, I tried a few out and then finished the drawing in photoshop. I’ve been attempting to work full time as an illustrator/artist for a few years now, I enjoy working with ink and watercolour and traditional drawing and painting techniques.”

Lovely stuff.


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