Hacienda La Florida Anaerobic Typica

Hacienda La Florida Anaerobic Typica

  • Tasting Notes Apple pie, cherry and caramel
  • Location Sozofranga, Ecuador
  • Elevation 1400 - 1800 M
  • Details Pulped anaerobic
  • metafields
    Region Sozoranga, Ecuador
  • metafields
    Varietal Typica
  • metafields
    Elevation 1400 - 1800 masl
  • metafields
    Process Pulped anaerobic
  • metafields
    Importer Makicuna

Taste Notes

Apple pie, cherry and caramel


Our second coffee from Hacienda La Florida and a competition winner. This lot is the winning coffee of ‘Taza Dorada 2020’ Ecuador's 'Best of' auction competition. Since 2007 Taza Dorada has promoted the production of speciality coffee in Ecuador and their exhibition around the world.

This winning lot scored 90.59 points according to their auction scoring system and only we feel very lucky to have secured 30Kg of it (prior to the auction). 


Hacienda La Florida is run by the Coronel family and it’s a perfect example of a sustainable integrated farm. They are experienced farmers, breeding pigs, producing sugar cane, fruit and vegetables, tilapia fish as well as cultivating one of the healthiest plantations of coffee our import partner Makicuna have ever seen. 

The Coronel family run an agroforestry system in the farm where they pay special attention to the soil. They strongly believe that a healthy soil, adapted to the plant’s needs and to the environment is crucial for achieving good cup quality. The Coronel family purchased Hacienda La Florida in 1993. They tell us that this was a Spanish hacienda back in colonial times and an indigenous settlement before then. 

The climate in the area is very warm and dry. It is surrounded by a primary forest which holds a wide biodiversity like orchids, civets, armadillos, deer and pumas. Most of which are often seen in the farm. 

Ramiro and his younger brother Fabrizio are both agricultural engineers. They have been cultivating coffee since 2014 after being introduced to the cultivation of specialty coffee by a project from the ministry of agriculture to re-activate the coffee production in the country. After this initial support, La Florida has evolved independently and towards a sustainable agriculture of quality. 

This Typica lot was harvested between March and July 2020. The cherries were picked and the Brix degrees or level of sugars were carefully measured to determine the fermentation time at a later step. 

A selection by floatation was done as soon as the cherries arrived at the washing station in the farm. Straight after this, the cherries were pulped leaving enough mucilage attached to the parchment for the fermentation. Then the coffee was placed in sterilised GrainPro bags inside fermentation tanks, most of the air is extracted and the bags were sealed for the anaerobic fermentation to take place. 

After around 90 hours of fermentation, the parchment coffee was washed and placed on African beds inside polytunnels where it underwent a slow drying process until it reached the humidity of 11%. 

The final stage before milling was a stabilisation period in a Dry and cool room for 30 days. Farm Gate price: USD 17.64/kg 

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