Kenya Chepsangor Hills Anaerobic Sleeping Bag Natural

  • Tasting Notes Cranberry, Orange Peel, Clove and Dark Chocolate
  • Location Nandi Hills, Kenya
  • Elevation 1750 - 2000 M
  • Details Anaerobic sleeping bag natural SL28, Ruiru11, Batian

Our final release of four Kenyans (yes we have four coffees from the same producer), and this is the 'anaerobic natural sleeping bag' version. As a small roasting business we don't get that many opportunities to spend time with producers from different countries. When you do and that connection is made it feels important to work on that relationship. We were able to secure four lots from Rosebella Langat and her farm Chepsangor Estate,  the washed AA, natural, anaerobic natural and this anaerobic natural sleeping bag.

We'll also have a limited run of a 'Kenyan tasting pack' available featuring 4 x 125g of these coffees.

We asked Rosebella for a description of this 'sleeping bag' process and she provided this:

"With the 'sleeping bag'  we dry it covered in black plastic closed tightly (like a sleeping bag) from 2pm to 5pm and after that we uncover and mix well  and then leave it covered overnight until we get to 11% humidity/moisture content...takes about 30 days on the drying beds."

Chepsangor Estate is located in the Nandi Hills region, a highland area of lush green rolling hills at the edge of the Great Rift Valley in the southwestern part of Kenya. It lies at an elevation of between 1750-2000 meters above sea level which coupled with rich volcanic soils is perfect for quality Arabica coffee to thrive.

Chepsangor Coffee is focused on environmental sustainability and ensures that soil health is a priority in their agronomy practices. Soil testing is done at the farms every year which informs the decisions on crop nutrition. Terracing, manuring, zero-till, inter-cropping with indigenous trees, pruning, and beekeeping for purposes of pollination are mandatory practices at Chepsangor farms.


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