Kwa Kiinyu AA

Kwa Kiinyu AA

  • Tasting Notes Ripe Blackberry and Rhubarb
  • Location Machakos, Kenya
  • Elevation 1400 - 1500M
  • Process Washed, dried on raised beds
  • metafields
    Region Machakos County, Kenya
  • metafields
    Varietal SL28, SL34, Ruiru11
  • metafields
    Elevation 1400 - 1500 masl
  • metafields
    Process Pulped, dry-fermented, washed, soaked then sun-dried
  • metafields
    Importer Volcafe Select

Taste Notes

Juicy and Jammy. Ripe Blackberry and Rhubarb.


This coffee comes from the 'Kwa Kiinyu Farmers Cooperative Society' in Machakos county in the Iveti Hills district, Central Kenya. The name Kwa Kiinyu refers to an area abundant with Caterpillars and serves seven zones namely; Usi, Kalunga, Kalandini, Kisovo, Nzithe, Mbee and Isukoni, which draw their water from two rivers known as Kwa mutune and Mutungoni Rivers.

Members: The occupants are Kamba with a population of about 185 persons per square kilometre. Kwa Kiinyu has 1,247 registered members out of which 989 are most active.

Rain: Rainfall is very scarce in the area, a little more than 650 mm per year. Coffee trees grow slowly and produce lower yields of cherries. In such conditions, the cherries have a higher sugar concentration and therefore produce a sweet cup. 

Soil: well drained red volcanic loamy soil.

Fermentation Process: All the Coffee is wet Processed (fully washed) in the single wet station. Red ripe cherry is selectively hand picked from the fields, sorted to remove under-ripes, over-ripes and foreign matter then immediately depulped (within 6-8 hours of harvest) and dry fermented to breakdown the mucilage. When fermentation is complete the parchment is washed with clean water and graded through water channels.

Drying method: The coffee is sun dried on raised beds. While drying all defective beans are removed by hand. Coffee is then delivered to the dry-mill for secondary processing.


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