Las Margaritas Amarillo

Las Margaritas Amarillo

  • Tasting Notes Tinned pineapple and peach
  • Location Valle del Cauca, Colombia
  • Elevation 1400 - 1850 M
  • Process Fully Washed
  • metafields
    Region Valle del Cauca, Colombia
  • metafields
    Varietal Yellow Bourbon
  • metafields
    Elevation 1400 - 1850 masl
  • metafields
    Process Fully Washed
  • metafields
    Importer DR Wakefield

Taste Notes

This is an incredibly clean and sweet coffee with yellow fruit characters and a syrupy body. Like tinned pineapple and peach.


Cafe Granja La Esperanza’s Las Margaritas is an award winning farm owned by internationally renowned Rigoberto Herrera. He has five farms all recognised for their commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. A history of experimentation has been a key part of the Herrera family story, working beyond the traditional washed processes and pioneering the production of a new range of cultivars.

Amarillo in spanish means Yellow and this 'fully washed' Yellow Bourbon is as far away from a 'typical 'washed coffee as your going to get. After picking the cherries have a period of fermentation in the skin to kick-start the process. Then the skin is removed in a de-pupler without water. After this is it dry-fermented in the mucilage (like a typical honey) for a further 19-22hrs during which it is stirred and tested to determine the ideal level of fermentation. It is then mechanically dried during which the temperature is closely controlled between 35°C and 45°C, until the final humidity percentage is around 10.5% - 11%.

For us this coffee goes against the ‘typical’ washed process profile and demonstrates the level of expertise that the folk at ‘Granja’ estate have. Super sweet and clean but with those ripe yellow and tropical fruit characters you normally experience in well processed naturals and honeys. We’ve had the Natural Pacamara from Las Margaritas on our ‘specials’ list for a couple of seasons and this is the first year we’ve committed to a few different varieties and processes.

They call it Amarillo FW (fully washed), but clearly with the type of fermentation they're performing and depulping without any water this is really a mish mash of traditional processing methods. The result is something pretty special, super sweet and clean with those yellow fruit flavours, pineapple and peach.


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