Martha Zuniga El Diviso

Martha Zuniga El Diviso

  • Tasting Notes Cherry Cola and White Chocolate
  • Location Huila, Colombia
  • Elevation 1800 M
  • Process Natural
  • metafields
    Region Huila, Colombia
  • metafields
    Varietal Pink Bourbon
  • metafields
    Elevation 1800 masl
  • metafields
    Process Natural
  • metafields
    Importer Cata Export

Taste Notes

Super sweet and boozy. Reminds us of Cherry Cola and White Chocolate.


Finca El Diviso is located in the heart of Bruselas, Huila and is owned by producer Martha Cecilia Zuniga and her sons. They grow exotic varieties including this Pink Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Aji Bourbon, Geisha and Ombligon

Martha and one of her sons Adrian are very passionate about fermentation and most of all natural processes: breaking down all the conventional codes of coffee production, experimenting with exotic varieties, micro organisms, fermentation methods and such. Her drive for novelty inspired our import partner Cata Exports not only to buy her coffee but to be more involved in investing and improving processes going forward.

Martha’s other son Nestor is the driving force behind bringing El Diviso into the radar of specialty buyers and Cata Export has formed a strong partnership with the family within both their female producers project and their young farmers project. Cata hosted a Zoom call a few selected roasters and Martha and Nestor from the farm just as the Naturals were nearing the end of their drying period. It was so exciting to see our coffee still in the hands of the farmers.

This micro-lot is fermented in two stages. Stage one is a 12 hrs aerobic fermentation, followed by stage 2, an extended 35 hrs anaerobic process in water tanks. It is then dried in parabolic marquesinas for 20 days with a final slow drying in silos.

This forms one of our 3 very special Colombian coffees as part of Cata's 'Six for Farmers' project instigated during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic with the mission "to have a positive impact on Colombian farmers’ well-being, whilst supplying fresh and delicious specialty coffees". They have provided a full transparency report on the financial breakdown of the $24/Kg we paid for this coffee, showing that a massive $17.7/Kg was paid directly to Martha before the coffees were even ready to be sent to the mill for final preparation (something quite unheard of):

  • 17.7 USD FARMER
  • 0.3 USD TRANSPORT Farm - Bog
  • 0.5 USD HULLING Bogota
  • 0.1 USD PACKAGING Sack + G.Pro
  • 0.1 USD PACKAGING Palletization
  • 1.4 USD TRANSPORT Bog - Ctg
  • 0.8 USD CUSTOMS Exportation
  • 0.3 USD CUSTOMS Importation

The other two female producer coffees from this project are:

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