Miguel Arellanes Natural Typica

  • Tasting Notes Kirsch and dark chocolate Ganache
  • Location Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Elevation 1650 - 1800 M
  • Details Natural Typica

Yes, another Mexican beauty from the Sierra Sur region sourced by Raw Material through their in country partner Red Beetle Coffee Lab. Naturally processed coffees (dried in the skin) are risky in Mexico because of the humidity, and this is only the third time we've been able to source a natural from this underrated producing country.

Raw Material and Red Beetle Coffee Lab have focused their work in the Oaxaca and Chiapas regions and been working with smallholder producers contributing to regional 'blends' as well as two particular Sierra Sur producers, one of which is Miguel Arellanes.

Production yields have become dangerously low and over the last ten years coffee leaf rust disease and the lack of financial or agricultural means to tackle it has reduced production by up to 90% in some regions. The average yield in Oaxaca is now just 100kg of parchment per hectare. For context, in Colombia, the average yield is 2,400kg per hectare.

The vast majority of Mexico’s 500,000 coffee producers are smallholder farmers and have one hectare or less of land under coffee. This makes the average annual production for many producers just 100kg, making coffee farming more and more unsustainable. This is fuelling widespread migration to urban centres in Mexico and the United States. In short, coffee production is disappearing.


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