Finca La Cumbre

  • Tasting Notes Red grape, greengage plum, caramel
  • Location Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Elevation 1620 - 1750 M
  • Details Washed Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon and Mundo Nuovo

This classic profile washed Huehuetenango coffee comes from Mynor Cano and his small 1.3 Hectare farm La Cumbre (The Summit).

Mynor Cano is a second-generation coffee producer in the town of El Chalun in Huehuentenango region. Before the harvest Mynor made sure that his pickers were trained and motivated to only pick the ripest cherries. After the picking the cherries were depulped the same day and fermented with water for 48 hours. After the fermentation the coffee was washed with clean water and eventually dried in the sun on patios for five days.

Our import partner Primavera asked Mynor about how he became and coffee farmer and what plans he has for the future: “Since I was little I grew up around coffee producing, being teached by my parents. 15 years ago I got my own farm after my father died was left with the responsibilities of the farm. Today thanks to the coffee I can provide studies and support for my family. I remember when my father was still with us he taught us to work with the love for the coffee plant and with a socio-environmental awareness. Nowadays thanks to this approach towards the nature, our property is in perfect condition".

Huehue is located in the west of Guatemala, on the border with Mexico. It is very remote and the roads in the region can be difficult to traverse. But the altitude of this region, combined with the hot dry winds that blow over from Mexico’s Tehuantepec Plain, create excellent conditions for quality coffee. Because of the altitudes and remoteness of the region, most farmers process their coffee at home rather than at a central wet mill.

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