Rhinowares compact grinder

Rhinowares compact grinder


The Rhinowares compact hand grinder with AeroPress adaptor is a perfect match for your AeroPress Coffee Maker, or other filter method as you prefer.

 This new V4 has some improved features: 

  • Improved outer burr design. No slipping of outer burr. Extremely stable grinding. 
  • Compact  design with AeroPress adaptor.
  • Improved case connection. Outer is now held by steel pins.

This compact version of the Rhinowares grinder is the perfect size for fitting inside the top chamber of the AeroPress.

    Grind fresh, don't buy pre-ground

    The one single thing you can do to improve your coffee experience is to grind it fresh as you need it. By fresh we don't mean ground a month ago, or a week ago or even a day ago, we mean now! Only grind what you need to make the next cup of delicious coffee.

    You can take the Rhino coffee grinder anywhere. It comes with its own carry case, giving you the flexibility to take it to work or on your travels to make sure you get your fresh cup of coffee each day.

    As well as it being the perfect match for your Aeropress, it works perfectly with the Kalita wave or Hario V60 Dripper

    Use this discount to get £3.50 off a bag of any coffee purchased with the grinder. Whole bean of course :-)