Santa Cruz Ozolotepec community lot

  • Tasting Notes Red apple, caramel, milk chocolate
  • Location Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Elevation 1300 - 1500 M
  • Details Washed Typica, Bourbon and Pluma

Our first Mexican release of the year is this washed coffee from a small group of producers in the Santa Cruz Ozolotepec region of Sierra Sur in Oaxaca.

This fully washed lot is made up of a whole range of smallholder farmers. Unlike in many other Central American countries, Mexico is full of very small coffee producers - some producing as little as 5-10 kg per year. The limited quantities do not mean quality is low, often quite the opposite is true. Our experience with coffees from Oaxaca over the last few seasons has shown us that there are well processed and delicious coffees to be had. The varieties grown in the region are Typica, Bourbon and Pluma and this community lot is a mix of these local varieties.

In addition to coffee, the community also produces other agricultural products such as fruit trees (orange, lemon, banana), and native shade-providing timber resources. Additionally, some coffee-producing families grow corn and beans for their own consumption. The water supply is fresh natural water from the mountain river.

Looking ahead, the community has exciting plans for the future, including obtaining organic certifications and making investments in infrastructure and equipment to improve coffee processing. Research is also underway to develop new flavour profiles through the application of microbiology in the fermentation process.

Coffee production has been passed down through the generations and the process has not changed much; the cherry harvest is still a feast! The producer waits for the cherry to be at its best before starting the harvest. The whole family is gathered, music’s on, and then begins several days of picking, hoping that it will be a good year for coffee.


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