Santa Lucila Amarillo

  • Tasting Notes Orange, praline, milk chocolate
  • Location Nueva Segovia/Jinotega, Nicaragua
  • Elevation 1350 - 1700 M
  • Details Washed Caturra and Villa Sarchi

This is a regional selection coffee from the Paguaga family estate that run five farms across the Nueva Segovia and Jinotega regions of Nicaragua: Los Congos, Las Brumas, La Iguana, La Española, and La Portuguesa.

Rina and René Paguaga aim to make their estates a model for other farmers in the region to follow, and they do so with a systematic approach. Soil is carefully analysed, and rigorous nutrition plans for the trees are executed throughout the year. They truly work for healthy, happy estates.

At the Santa Lucila dry mill, the lots from these estates come in and are cupped and classified into taste categories. They then leave it to the customers, in this case the importer ‘This Side Up’, to ask for a certain signature profile. This ‘Amarillo’ is one of those blends made up from local cultivars such as Caturra and Villa Sarchi.

Coffee is handpicked, measured, and de-pulped without water. Shortly after, it ferments in the tanks for 15 to 36 hours. It is then washed and transported to Santa Lucila dry-mill, where it is processed until it reaches 11% humidity.


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