El Placer washed CM Gesha

  • Tasting Notes Honeysuckle, jasmine, lychee and honey
  • Location Qiundo, Colombia
  • Elevation 1744 M
  • Process Washed Carbonic Maceration

Coffee Farm El Placer is owned by one of the modern masters of Colombian coffee processing Sebastian Ramirez, and this season we were lucky enough to secure two lots of his Gesha variety, this washed Carbonic Macerated (CM) version and also the natural CM version. 

Sebastian and his team picked 95% ripe and 5% semi-ripe cherries which then undergo an initial 100hr fermentation in an anaerobic/anoxic environment with carbon dioxide injected into the tank. This washed version is then de-pulped and left to dry ferment in its mucilage for 48hrs before washing. Then they are dried firstly for 20 days on the patios (Elba) and then a final drying in polytunnels for 5 days.

A young and passionate producer, Sebastian’s focus and attention to detail in the fermentation stages of his production, as well as working closely with Q-graders and Q-processing professionals, has led to truly outstanding results on his farm. These coffees were sourced by a collaboration between 4 parties: Hernan Cabra, a Q-processor who works within Ecuador and Colombia, Cata Exports from Colombia, Makicuna Coffee from Ecuador and of course Sebastian Ramirez from Coffee farm El Placer.

Sebastián uses natural, washed and honey processes and all varieties undergo carbonic maceration. He utilises a microbiology lab to develop innovative and exotic coffees. El Placer has a sustainable approach to farming, avoiding herbicides and removing weeds every 2 months. They prioritise soil health, which results in healthy plants and noticeably translates to the cup level. Sebastián also supports Bienestar Animal, a foundation that cares for abandoned animals and has adopted several rescued animals, giving them a new home at his farm.

We like Sebastian. We love his coffees. 

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