• Tasting Notes Blackcurrant and apple
  • Location Nyabihu District, Rwanda
  • Elevation 2000m
  • Details Washed
  • metafields
    Region Nyabihu District, Rwanda
  • metafields
    Varietal Red Bourbon
  • metafields
    Elevation 2000m
  • metafields
    Process Washed
  • metafields
    Importer Raw Material

Taste Notes

Sweet and tangy. Blackcurrant and apple. Suitable for all brewing methods.


Shyira was built by the Muraho Trading Company in January 2017. Following the success of their coffee washing stations (CWS) in Nyamasheke District they wanted to expand their regional flavour profiles and looked for a truly unique area of Rwanda that not only has tremendous potential in producing high quality coffee but where they felt they could make a bigger impact through specialty coffee. Shyira CWS was built with the belief of making a positive influence in the area and producing a truly unique style and taste of coffee that differs from all other Rwandan coffees. It is their jewel.. BUT..

If you've been a customer for a while you might recall we took part in Nyabibrew day last November to raise funds for the Shyira and Vunga communities devastated by the flooding and landslides in Rwanda’s Nyabihu District in May 2020. Through the fundraising efforts of Raw Material, Muraho Trading and the global coffee community, this area is being rebuilt and processing coffee once again. There’s still a long way to go and in order to do our little bit we will donate £1 from every 250g purchased through our web-site of this coffee to the recovery plan.

If you'd like make a direct contribution you can access the gofundme appeal here.

All cherry is hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, under ripe or damaged cherry is removed, along with any foreign objects. Next, cherry is floated in pre-pulping tanks removing any floaters and then pulped. This coffee is fermented in concrete tanks for on average 12 hours and agitated several times throughout the day by way of a 20 minute ceremonial foot stomping.

After fermentation, coffee is released into a large serpentine grading channel where the highest density grade, A1, is trapped and lower density coffee is allowed to pass through. Eventually, there are three grades, A1 and A2, and grade A3/A4. There is no quality difference between A1 and A2 grades, rather a difference in density. During the washing process, parchment is regularly agitated; this is to encourage lower density parchment to float and to clean any residual mucilage off the parchment. Once the parchment is separated into grades, it is given a final post wash rinse. At this point, coffee is then taken to a predrying area where the parchment is hand-sorted removing any insect damaged, discoloured or chipped coffee. Parchment is then laid out to dry where it is turned on a regular basis throughout the day.


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