• Tasting Notes Three fruit marmalade
  • Location Nyabihu District, Rwanda
  • Elevation 1850 - 2300 M
  • Process Washed
  • metafields
    Region Nyabihu District, Rwanda
  • metafields
    Varietal Red Bourbon
  • metafields
    Elevation 1850 - 2300 masl
  • metafields
    Process Washed
  • metafields
    Importer Raw Material

Taste Notes

Sweet and tangy. Mandarin, lime and grapefruit, just like a three fruit marmalade. Suitable for all brewing methods.


This new washing station was built by the Muraho Trading Company in January 2017. Following the success of their coffee washing stations (CWS) in Nyamasheke District they wanted to expand their regional flavour profiles and looked for a truly unique area of Rwanda that not only has tremendous potential in producing high quality coffee but where they felt they could make a bigger impact through specialty coffee. Shyira CWS was built with the belief of making a positive influence in the area and producing a truly unique style and taste of coffee that differs from all other Rwandan coffees. It is their jewel.

Muraho call Shyira the “Little Baby” it being the smallest and newest of all their CWS however it is the highest located known in Rwanda sitting at 1850m above sea level and receives cherry from 1869 farmers between 1850 and 2300m. Shyira is an hour drive up the hills from the township of Musanze (Ruhengeri). The weather conditions, soil type and its high-altitude lands makes this CWS an ideal setting for high-quality coffee processing and production. It's not all about coffee of course and the local Mountain Gorillas love this area too and drink from the waterfalls of the wonderful Gicice river. As if that is not enough, combined with the valley full of white sands, fog covering hills and great weather, Shyira is truly unique. 

After cherries are brought to the Shyira station, they are pulped by machine. They’re then floated in fermentation tanks overnight for 12 hours. Workers then perform “ikinimba,” which consists of singing five songs while dancing and stomping on the coffee to clean off the last of the mucilage. This is intended to bring out more sweetness in the coffee. Beans are then graded, from A1 to A4, using serpentine channels based on density and size. Finally, they are dried for between 20 and 25 days on raised beds.

Muraho Trading Company work continuously to support and improve farmers’ coffee yields. Farmers receive second payments and bonus payments every year of production. In 2017, the team raised 65,000 seedlings coffee seedlings and distributed them to Shyira farmers. This year, they plan to raise and distribute 90,000 seedlings.

In 2018, Shyira paid for health insurance for all of its farmers for the entire year.



A little about Red Bourbon

A more productive variety than its parent Typica, the Bourbon variety is part of the reason Brazil became one of the world's coffee superproducers in the 1860s, when it was introduced to make up for the supply loss caused by a leaf-rust outbreak in Java. Slightly sweeter with a sort of caramel quality, Bourbon coffees also have a nice, crisp acidity, but can present different flavours depending on where they're planted. El Salvador Bourbons are all butter, toffee, and fresh pastry; Rwandan types tend to have a punchier fruit quality. Bourbon itself has gone through multiple mutations and variations since its spread: Subvarieties include plants whose cherry ripens to red, yellow, or orange; a dwarf mutation called Caturra; and an El Salvadorian type called Pacas, among many others.


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