Sitio Portella

  • Tasting Notes Sweet and creamy - cashew, damson and milk chocolate
  • Location Caldas, Sul de Minas, Brazil
  • Elevation 1250 masl

  • Details Natural Red Catuai

This coffee comes from Edir José de Carvalho who began his career as a coffee producer in 1994 and since the beginning his focus has always been on improving agricultural practices to improve the quality of his coffees. In 2004, he had the honour of his coffee being selected amongst the 50 best in the state of Minas Gerais, the result of his efforts every day on his farm. One of Edir's lots was selected for the prestigious Cup Of Excellence competition in 2019, so clearly he's doing something right.

Edir has three children: Tales, Eduardo and Alana. His two sons work with him at Sítio Portella, carrying on the family history of coffee production. The property is located in a mountainous region with excellent elevation and climate for producing high-quality coffees.

This red Catuaí from Sitio Portella is a natural coffee that was processed on a concrete patio. Edir does not have dryers and thus has the mission of paying close attention to the humidity level of the beans as drying finishes. The coffee was spread in thin layers at the beginning, resting under the sun for two days without being moved. Later he and his sons began raking the coffee 10 to 12 times per day. When it is semi-dry, they make thicker layers, allowing the coffee to rest again without raking it. Finally, they spread the coffee on the patio again and rake it until it reaches the ideal humidity. In total, the coffee spent 19 days in this process before it was taken to granaries to rest.

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