Sitio Pouso Alto

Sitio Pouso Alto

  • Tasting Notes Milk chocolate, orange and roasted hazelnut
  • Location Divinolandia, Brazil
  • Elevation 1250 M
  • Details Natural
  • metafields
    Region Divinolandia, Brazil
  • metafields
    Variety Obata
  • metafields
    Elevation 1250 masl
  • metafields
    Process Natural
  • metafields
    Importer Cargo Coffee

Taste Notes

Creamy body with milk chocolate orange and roasted hazelnut


This coffee is produced by Luis Aparecido Tezolini the owner of Sitio Pouso Alto.

The micro region of Divinolândia is in the interior of São Paulo, embedded in a branch of the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the region of Mogiana Paulista. The region is blessed with fertile soil, altitudes around 1200 m, and a dry climate during the harvest phase. These conditions favour a very particular technique of coffee processing, dried very slowly directly on concrete terraces. Typically this produces a very fruity coffee with high sweetness.

Luis averages production under 100 bags each year and of this 50% has the potential for specialty. These numbers (tiny production in Brazilian terms ) have traditionally made it difficult for Luis to find a direct market. The last time Phil from Cargo Coffee bought from him was in 2018, and that was the 1st time his coffee had been sold as a separated lot.

This is a 20 bag lot so it's a fair assumption that this is going to be the majority of the best coffee produced on the farm. Harvest time for the region is generally June, July, and early August but it does shift a bit year to year depending on the rainfall. 

Natural coffees are a bit of a specialty around here. The terrain can be a bit challenging so there’s no mechanized picking instead areas of the farm are picked clean by hand, then pruned as the unripe cherries are separated and the rest are patio dried in the sun. 

The main variety grown on Posou Alto is Yellow Catuai but Phil said the best lot this year was this 100% Obata lot. We grabbed it all ;-)

Obatã is a rarely seen varietal that has quite the lineage! It descends from Sarchimor and Mundo Novo. Sarchimor is a mix of Timor (which is actually a hybrid of two coffee species, Coffee Arabica and Coffea Canephora - also known as Robusta) and Villa Sarchi (a natural mutation of Bourbon). Mundo Novo is a hybrid of Bourbon and Typica. It's a high yielding, rust-resistant Brazilian variety.



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