Sitio Sao Sebastiao

Sitio Sao Sebastiao

  • Tasting Notes Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange
  • Location Divinolandia, Brazil
  • Elevation 1250 M
  • Process Natural
  • metafields
    Region Divinolandia, Brazil
  • metafields
    Varietal Red Catuai
  • metafields
    Elevation 1250 masl
  • metafields
    Process Natural
  • metafields
    Importer Cargo Coffee

Taste Notes

Creamy body with dark chocolate and an orange acidity. Bit like a Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange.


This coffee is produced by Marcus Aurelio Ricetto the owner of Sitio Sao Sebastiao. With the help of his brothers, Marcus sees an annual production of around 500 bags. Coffee is picked and taken to dry on patios on the same day where it drys naturally in the sun. The coffee is then rested in wooden boxes called “Tulhas” before the parchment is removed ready for its final preparation.

The micro region of Divinolândia is in the interior of São Paulo, embedded in a branch of the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the region of Mogiana Paulista. The region is blessed with fertile soil, altitudes around 1200 m, and a dry climate during the harvest phase. These conditions favour a very particular technique of natural coffee processing, dried very slowly directly on concrete terraces. Typically this produces a very fruity coffee with high sweetness.

This process has been practically unchanged for over 150 years in this region, since the arrival of the first colonizing families. Aprod, an association of producers, obtained investments to build a shed and equipment, including a 3D electronic sorter, one of the most modern in Brazil. All of this is shared
by approximately 50 partners of Aprod, including Marcus Aurelio Ricetto.

The region has the perfect combination of climate and soil fertility that promotes the production of high quality coffee. Historically Brazil coffees have been thought to have fairly unexciting flavour profiles: all body, chocolate and nuts with very low acidity and therefore quite muted without much clarity. It seems the push towards increasing quality with different varietals, more controlled fermentation and advanced production techniques are changing that and we're now seeing some exciting clean and sweet coffees with fruit characteristics.

For this naturally processed coffee the beans are first sorted according to density. Drying requires a great deal of care and specialized handling, resulting in a coffee with a more aromatic cup quality, which is also rich and clean. The complex flavours of the beans are preserved by harvesting them at exactly the right stage of ripeness. The entire coffee cherry is dried and the drying fruit imparts flavour to the bean inside.


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