The three P's


We're back with a little taste challenge. It's been a while.

Our latest coffee has caused us a little challenge in the roastery, nailing the roast profile on the Loring. With our 'exclusive' (ie expensive) coffees we roasting 3Kg batches in the 15Kg (S15) Falcon machine. ie. there's a lot of energy and not a lot of coffee to absorb it. 

Add to that challenge our latest coffee is a washed Pacamara, a large variety that has low density and in this case a high moisture content (12.3%). In roasting terms a challenging coffee.

So, we've roasted 3 batches. The first attempt with a new coffee is always a little 'finger in the air' and the result was slower than we would typically roast. Cupping showed it a little grainy with some sweetness but lacking vibrancy. We needed to shorten the roast but didn't think it needed to be any hotter