Tinamit Natural

  • Tasting Notes Dried apricot, date and dark chocolate
  • Location Atitlan, Guatemala
  • Elevation 1500 - 2000 M
  • Details Natural Caturra, Bourbon, Pache and Sarchimor

This coffee comes from the Tinamit Tolimán agricultural cooperative, known as Tinamit, a new cooperative made up of coffee growers in San Lucas Tolimán, a stunning town on the shores of Lake Atitlán. These growers formally became a coffee cooperative in 2018 making them an organisation with great potential to continue improving quality for many years in the future.

The 26 current members work on farms from 1500 meters to 2000 meters above sea level, and they also have a small roasting operation to sell coffee locally in their small store. They have worked to branch out into quality natural and honey coffees, though washed coffee remains the majority of their production. The members pay special attention to their role in preserving the remarkable natural beauty of the lake, and strive for environmentally sustainable production.

Of the five volcanic coffee regions of Guatemala, Atitlán’s soil is the richest in organic matter. Ninety percent of Traditional Atitlán is cultivated along the slopes of the three volcanoes that dominate the shores of Lake Atitlán. The daily winds (called Xocomil) that stir the cold lake waters are an important influence on the microclimate.

This lot has been sourced with the help of our friends from Primavera Coffee. Primavera are a Guatemala based exporter as well as an importer here in the UK. Headed up by Nadine Rash, Primavera Coffee are a company built on values of quality, transparency and sustainability. Having operations in Guatemala, Primavera are not only able to work directly with small producers and cooperative, they also employ local agronomists who are able to provide vital support in the fields such as technical advice on farming, fermentation and post-harvest processing practices.

Always striving to optimise value for producers, Primavera operates with fair margins to cover their costs and logistics. As they explain: “Sourcing directly from the coffee growers shortens the supply chain, allowing us to give them more of the financial benefits for their coffee. Not only is the price fairer for the producer, this form of direct trade allows farmers to be recognized for superior quality, efforts and enthusiasm.”

We were very fortunate to visit some of Primavera's producer partners in Guatemala earlier this year (although not the Tinamit coop specifically). Witnessing their in-country operations first-hand including collection stations (bodegas) and the dry-mill demonstrated their commitment to quality and support of the farmers they work with. This Tinamit natural the first of the coffees we committed to based on that incredible trip. ie. there's more to come.


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