Crankhouse at Glastonbury


Crankhouse at Glastonbury

One of the things about working in the coffee world is the fact we get to meet some interesting folk both in and out of that circle and serve coffee to someone special now and again. I'm hoping for exactly that experience this weekend up at the worlds most famous music festival in Glastonbury. 

I've been asked to pour Crankhouse Coffee at a VIP luncheon on Saturday and of course I couldn't turn the opportunity down. It'll be my first time at the festival and not being experienced festivals goers my wife and I are in for something new and exciting.. (and possible wet and muddy). I'm told there are 3 important things to pack, Earplugs, Wellington boots and baby wipes !

What this does mean is that Crankhouse operations centre will be out of action for a few days and any retail orders via the online store and wholesale orders will have to wait to be processed until my return. My apologies in advance if this inconveniences anyone but I'm sure you'll agree that it's definitely for a good cause ;-)

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