Roast days:

We generally roast coffees on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays, although this can vary.

Post days:

We have two outgoing postal days each week. Monday and Friday. This means if you place an order between Friday and Sunday your order will not be dispatched until the Monday morning.

Can I track my order?

We use royal mail for orders under 2 kilograms, unfortunately standard royal mail doesn’t offer tracking. If you require a tracked service we can provide that just let us know when you order, this will lead to increased postage costs.

Orders over 2 kilograms are sent via UPS, and should arrive within 2 days of posting, UPS is a tracked a service. 

When will my subscription order be shipped?

We ship our subscriptions during the first and third week of the month, depending on when your subscription package was ordered.

Can i choose my subscription coffee?

Subscription coffees are picked at random but we try to ensure that you won't receive the same coffee twice.

Is your coffee suitable for filter or Espresso brewing ?

Both. At crankhouse our roasting style is known an “omni roast”.

All our coffees are suitable for filter and espresso brewing as we roast in the middle of a profile. Filter profiles tend to be lighter & would be difficult to work with when brewing espresso due to less development. An espresso profile on filter would be quite heavy & lacking clarity due to more development, increasing solubility levels & allowing for espresso shots to be pulled.

Due to our roast style you may find that for espresso brewing you’ll need to run your shot times longer than that of an espresso profile.

How long shall I wait after the roast date till I can brew my coffee?

If your brewing on filter methods we recommend waiting 5  7 days after roast date. If your brewing on an espresso machine or mokka pot than 10 – 14 days after roast date.

If you brew coffee to fresh it’ll lead to harsh sour flavours in the cup, not pleasant. The reason coffee needs time after roasting before brewing is due the process called “degassing”. After roasting coffee begins to let off gases, mainly carbon dioxide, this negatively impacts flavour and can lead to uneven extractions. The bulk of the carbon dioxide is released within 24 hours of the roast date.

Coffee gets better with age to certain extent, until the flavour will start to drop off this would usually tend to happen around 5 to 6 weeks after the roast date. But remember all coffees are different & trust your palette.

Can i pick up coffee from the roastery?

Yes, coffee will be available to purchase in the café during its opening hours, the café and roastery are situated within the same building. Because the roastery space is an industrial working environment, general public access is restricted unless an appointment has been made.

Do you offer brewing/barista classes?

Once our training space has been completed, brewing and barista classes will be available to purchase through our webstore. If you need some brewing help check out our brew guides.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes depending on your local council recycling guidelines. Our bags are rated 7 (mixed plastics) some councils accept these plastics. As the UK puts better recycling measures in place mixed plastics should be more easily recycled.