Exeter Aeropress Championships


Exeter Aeropress Championships

AEC 2019

Where: Exploding Bakery

When: Saturday 12th January

Time: 5pm preparation. 6pm first round


  • Number of entrants his limited to 18
  • First round starting at 6pm will consist of 6 heats of 3 competitors .
  • Competitors are required to brew one 200ml (approx) cup in 8mins.
  • The 3 cups will be judged blind and the winner of that heat goes through.
  • Judging is based on taste alone. ie which of the 3 cups would the judges prefer to drink.
  • Grinders (2 x EK43s, 1 x Commandante) and Aeropress will be available for use.
  • Bring you own grinders and Aeropress and water if you wish.
  • 200g of competition coffee will be provided by Crankhouse.
  • All entrants MUST use this coffee.
  • Should you wish to practice before the event you can pickup your 200g bag from Exploding Bakery any time during normal cafe hours from Monday 7th January. If you need to coffee posted to you we can do that for the postage cost of an additional £3.40 (1st class)
  • The fee for entry is £5 paid in advance and this gets you on the start line and your 200g competition coffee.
  • You only get ONE 200g bag. ie. you need to make sure you keep enough for the competition.
  • Additional coffee is not available.

Any questions email Tony at mailto:cafe@exploidingbakery.com or Dave mailto:dave@crankhousecoffee.co.uk

Bring your friends, family, loved ones, cats, dogs, rabbits. All are welcome.

There’s a fabulous bar next door and there may be some nibbles to nibble on.

You do not need to be a professional barista to enter. The point of the Aeropress competitions is to be a fun community event and it's the spectators and competitors together sharing in the experience that make it.

Hope to see you there.



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