Falling Leaves and more


This weekend marks the 'unofficial' end of the pro cycling calendar with the final monument The Giro di Lombardia . Otherwise known as the race of the falling leaves (Classica delle Foglie Morte) since it represents the biggest and most prestigious of the autumn races. In it's honour I'll be releasing the "Falling Leaves Blend" imminently and I've just taken possession of some great coffees to select from.

One in particular is going to make a lot of people smile and go Ooooo. The Rocko Mountain Reserve is a naturally processed Yirgacheffe coffee from Ethiopia. I had this coffee last season (that's the coffee season not the cycling season I'm referring to now) and it was a game changer. It was one of those "Really.. coffee can taste like this" sorts of coffees and this year it's scored a massive 90.50 (that's uber high) by SCAA. This means it's exceptional. Now it's my job to roast it and do it justice.

I've got two more fabulous Ethiopians coming on to the list as well:

Adado washed Yirgacheffe

Konjo washed Limu

Just to spread the African love around a bit I've also got a great Kenyan AA (that's the highest grade of Kenyan coffee) from the well respected Harries families Chania Estate which is a French Mission varietal. 

Last but not least I've not completely ignored the rest of the coffee world outside of Africa and I have a super soft, round and sweet Honduran from Finca Altos de Erapuca.

These will all be going up on the store as soon as I've nailed the roast profiles and got the tasting notes sorted.


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