New coffees and an Exeter exclusive


New coffees and an Exeter exclusive

New Coffees

A few new coffees have arrived in the last few weeks and some are already up on the web store so and I thought I'd give you a little breakdown on their specifics.

First up is one of the coffees I first tasted back in March on the sourcing trip to Costa Rica from the Las Lajas mill, owned and operated by Francisca and Oscar Chacon. They're known for the quality of their honey and natural processed coffees and are attributed with being the first producer of naturals in Central America. This yellow honey lot comes from their farm Finca San Luis and is sweet, tangy and mouth watering. Click here to find out more including a description of the 'honey' process.

Me and the Chacons at Las Lajas

Next up is a bit of a followup from the Honduran competition coffee I reported on in a previous post. From the same Copan region, grown by Saul Moises Mejia La Cascada is a naturally processed Caturra coffee. Soft and very sweet with low acidity and a medium creamy body. For me it tastes a bit like orange fudge. 

Naturals drying at La Cascada

Last up is something of an exclusive for one of Exeters top coffee spots. Devon Coffee on Queen Street is something of an Exeter 'speciality' icon and I've worked with the owner Justine to come up with a 'house' coffee exclusive. I'd had a number of possibilities come in recently including a washed Guatemalan from the Huehuetenango region San Antionio de Equipulas. After some testing it's going to make it's way into the main grinder at Devon Coffee next week. It'll also be available to purchase direct off the shelf.

My designer put together a label specifically for this coffee. Taste-wise it's sweet and balanced with notes of maple-syrup, dark chocolate and pear. This needs to be versatile enough to be tasty as an espresso or Americano but also punchy enough to carry through milk for Flat Whites and Latte's etc.

Brand on point as ever by the 'Bird on a Box' team

Next up is a coffee that is in testing right now and is something a little special, a honey processed coffee from Ethiopia from the Qore mill in the Kochere region and sourced by one the the premier greens sourcing companies Nordic Approach. It's different since Ethiopia has only just started producing 'honeys' recently being well known for the quality of it's naturals and washed coffees. Expect to see this up on the store in the next week or so once the roast profiles and flavour descriptors have been nailed. Expect something clean sweet and peachy.

Cupping in Exeter

There are a few regular attendees at our coffee cupping sessions in Exeter which are generally held every Thursday either at the Exploding Bakery or March Coffee. If you fancy getting involved or just want to pop along for a look-see then everyone is welcome. No previous cupping experience required  - always relaxed and the aim is to share experiences and learn.


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