Public cuppings and home barista classes

Public Cuppings
We hold monthly public cuppings in our dedicated training and education space. This is an informal tasting session with open discussions encouraged and the coffees on the table could be our latest coffees along with some coffees from other roasters, perhaps a couple of different roast profiles of the same coffee. We might throw in a little bit of sensory work as well using the La Nez Du Cafe aromas or some basic taste tests ie. sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami. 
We announce dates via the newsletter (sign up from the link on our home page) or via our social posts. Price is £10pp attendance and spaces are limited.
Home Barista Classes
We have started running some home barista classes and there will be two levels for each style of brewing: filter and espresso.


Level 1 will be suited to the novice brewer who is starting out on their coffee brewing journey. We'll cover the importance of equipment, brewing ratios, preparation, technique and some basic understanding of under and over extraction. Foundation knowledge to help you be consistently good in your brewing approach. In addition, the espresso course will cover some basic milk texturing skills.

Level 2 will be for someone who already has a good knowledge of brewing methods and will focus on understanding the causes behind poor extractions, temperature, time, grind quality etc. Tasting the difference between various strengths and extractions to assist in understanding your particular preferences. The Level 2 espresso course may also cover milk skills in more detail.

We will announce a schedule and a more detailed course description once we gather your feedback. Classes are likely to be run monthly on a Wednesday or Thursday morning and will last for between 2 and 3 hours. We will also consider evening and weekend classes if there is sufficient interest. Group bookings would be welcomed and class numbers will be kept small. Please send us an email with your feedback and to express your interest in attending.

Dates for these classes will be announced via the newsletter and socials.

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  • Jess ecott on

    Hello, as with the above comment, I would be keen to book myself and my sister onto a course for our birthday and would like to know possible dates!

  • William Elias-Jones on

    Hi Dave,
    It’s my wife Rowan’s birthday next week and I think she would really enjoy the level 1 and 2 home barista Classes Tuesdays are out best day but think we could make the Wednesday morning classes work. Could I try and get Rowan booked in for the next free Wednesday sessions? Think she’d like both level 1 and level 2.
    Thank you Will Elias-Jones

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