Where can I taste Crankhouse Coffee??


Where can I taste Crankhouse Coffee??

Some exciting new additions to the list deserve a mention:

Here's a list of places that are currently or have recently been serving Crankhouse Coffee. Some are serving my coffees as their regular 'house' coffee, others take it now and again as their guest. 

The newcomers:

        • The Snug Cafe, 21 Whipton Road, Whipton Village, Exeter

        • Chococo Chocolate House, Gandy Street, Exeter

The regulars:

        • Route 2 Cafe Bar, No 1 Monmouth Hill, Topsham (opposite Lighter pub)

        • Matt @ Bike Caffe, Barnfield Crescent Southernhay, Exeter

        • Bike Shed Cafe, Bike Shed Bakeshop,  Barnstaple

        • Tea on the Green, Cathedral Green, Exeter

        • The Globe Inn, Newtown, Exeter

        • Pig and Pickle, Rusty Bike, Fat Pig and TABAC pubs

        • Jerichos Brasserie, Launceston

        • Turf Locks Pub, Exe Estuary

        • Polly Nostimo's little greek food truck

        • Cafe Wimbleball, Lake Wimbleball

Guest appearances at:

        • Liberty Coffee, Launceston
        • The Loft, West Hampsted London
        • Camper Coffee, Exeter
        • Cafe Magdalen, Magdalen Road, Exeter
        • Spicer & Cole, Bristol (all 3 stores)

 If you're in the vicinity and pop into any of these places ask them for some Crankhouse. 

Retail packs of Crankhouse are obviously available here through this web-store, but if you're in the vicinity of either of these places then pop in and pickup a bag:

        • Arthurs butchers and delicatessen, Fore Street, Topsham
        • Cafe Magdalen, Magdalen Road, Exeter
        • Artisan Chai, Fore Street, Exeter
        • Love Local Food Van
        • Real Food Store, Paris Street, Exeter
        • Bon Guot, Magdalen Road, Exeter

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